Saturday, February 24, 2018

Training Group Collaboration Agreement

Collaboration Agreement:

This training is made up of many professionals and non professionals in the community. When allowing members to join it is difficult to know who may have had previous relationships prior to training. There may be times when the large group meets that members who have had previous or current relationships that may conflict. If this is the case please inform Katrena as to any issues you may be having and what your needs may be to established a positive experience for all. 


There are times in which you may be preparing for a conference with a peer using the action techniques, or having them work with you on a personal issues while using the action techniques. I understand that my trainer may be wearing multiple hats while working with the method and the group dynamics. I understand that the trainer allows her interns to participate in the training as a component of their learning. I am aware that the boundaries of relationships are therefore expanded, however, at all times, my best interests are in the fore front.  


If you are concerned in any way of the choices made you will inform the trainer immediately to develop a plan of action that best suites your needs. 



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