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Katrena Hart is a CBT (Certified Bioenergetic Therapist). She trained under the Dallas Society for Bioenergetics. She is a member of the Board for the Dallas Society for Bioenergetics. She is also on the training committee of the Dallas Society for Bioenergetics.

Katrena is skilled to offer individual Bioenergetic psychotherapy as well as Bioenergetic group psychotherapy.

Katrena has a passion for teaching and can share more information to your agency or company on how bioenergeitcs can help each member to be more present, grounded, and allows the group to function better as a whole.

Statements made about Katrena Hart from her Bioenergetic Teachers & Mentors

"As a teacher, once in awhile you experience a student you know is "going to get it and go far", this was my experience of Katrena Hart when she joined the Dallas Society Bioenergetic Training Program, I knew she was going to be an Excellent Bioenergetic Therapist and she is! She is very knowledgeable about Bioeneregetic Analysis, professional in her manner and has extensive background and training in Psychology. I highly recommend her! If you're looking for a therapist, this is a lady to see!"
- Eleanor A. Greenlee, MFC, CBT

International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis Faculty Coordinating Trainer, Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

"Katrena Hart, LPC, CBT, trained under me in the training program of the Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis. As a supervisor, I also have observed her working with clients. Given these opportunities to observe and evaluate her, I believe Katrena to be an knowledgeable, insightful, and caring psychotherapist."
- Chuck Lustfield, LPC, CBT

International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis Faculty Director of Training, Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

The shell, in Bioenergetic terms, represents defenses. The postures shown are actual Bioenergetic exercises. The process illustrated is one of learning to have choice of using one's defenses or not, as well as depicting the relief experienced when one is free from defensive 'structures.' The cartoon also illustrates how the client, leaving the office after Bioenergetic analysis, feels empowered by the freedom to use the historic defensive response to a situation, or some new alternative. Bioenergetic Analysis offers choices, not simply a new rigid way of being.

Shell Terms

This cartoon was created by an artist unidentified, so all rights belong to the artist of this cartoon. For more information about the Dallas Bioenergetic Training program go to: www.bioenergetics-dallas.com

What is Bioenergetic Analysis?

Bioenergetics is a way of understanding personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes. These processes, namely, the production of energy through respiration and metabolism and the discharge of energy in movement, are the basic functions of life. How much energy one has and how one uses his energy determine how one responds to life situations. Obviously, one can cope more effectively if one has more energy, which can be freely translated into movement and expression.

Bioenergetics is also a form of therapy that combines work with the body and the mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and realize more of their potential for pleasure and joy in living. A fundamental thesis of bioenergetics is that body and mind are functionally identical; that is, what goes on in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice versa.

As we all know, mind and body can influence each other. What one thinks can affect how one feels. The converse is equally true. This interaction, however, is limited to the conscious or superficial aspects of the personality. On a deeper level, that is, on the unconscious level, both thinking and feeling are conditioned by energy factors.

The energetic processes of the body are related to the state of aliveness of the body. The more alive one is, the more energy one has and vice versa. Rigidity or chronic tension diminishes one’s aliveness and decreases one’s energy. At birth, an organism is in its most alive, most fluid state; at death, rigidity is total, rigor mortis. We cannot avoid the rigidity due that comes with age. What we can avoid is the rigidity due to chronic muscular tensions resulting from unresolved emotional conflicts.

Every stress produces a state of tension in the body. Normally the tension disappears when the stress is relived. Chronic tensions, however, persist after the provoking stress has been removed as an unconscious bodily attitude or muscular set. Such chronic muscular tensions disturb emotional health by decreasing an individual’s energy, restricting his mobility (the natural spontaneous play and movement of the musculature), and limiting his self-expression. It becomes necessary then to relieve this chronic tension if the person is to regain his full aliveness and emotional well-being.

Excerpt from The Way to Vibrant Health, by Alexander Lowen, M.D. and Leslie Lowen:

The following is how my journey has directed me to this place of becoming a bioenergetic therapist as will as an advocate for the Dallas Society for Bioenergetics. Written by Katrena Hart January 2007.

I stumbled into Bioenergetics after experiencing some Rolfing therapy. I decided to join the training program for one year to see what I thought, as the concepts seemed quite interesting. The first year I was involved, I thought you must be kidding; I cannot do this and was not sure I would be able to do this unique type of body work. The second year I was in the program, I became acutely aware that my involvement would allow people in the program to see me in a very vulnerable way and that was scary for me to allow myself to be “seen” in such an intimate way. The third year I was hooked--this method had changed my way of being in the world. I was still quite nervous to be so vulnerable with my peers and at the same time relieved to have been understood at such a deep nonverbal level. I began to feel my aliveness on an intense level during the trainings and in a way reclaimed my body and my life. The fourth year I became very excited about bioenergetics and this method became a practice of my lifestyle. I wanted to share it with anyone who would listen. My clients seemed to progress rapidly as a result of the Bioenergetic therapy we were doing. My clients who had many hours of cognitive therapy for their anxiety and depression were easily able to implement these new skills into their life and see improvement. During an age where medication seems to be the method of choice, bioenergetics allows a more holistic approach to the mental health world. My fifth and final year of training towards becoming a certified Bioenergetic therapist was the year it all came together for me. I could see my clients through a very new light and my own personal work came into clearer focus allowing to me to be more present with myself.

After completing the training program in 2004, I transitioned into working with the board and the training committee. I wanted to help spread the word about this fantastic method and wanted others to use these skills.

I use bioenergetics with many clients and find it to be very useful. I am including on this website three separate opportunities for you to download an auditory grounding session. While Bioenergetic therapy is so much more than what you will hear, it will give you a taste of allowing your body to calm down and feel a bit more grounded. Please use them as tools as frequently as you like and if you have more questions, please feel free to contact me.


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